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Reminder: (2/2/2020)

Next Wednesday, February 5, 2020 is the kickoff day (an Open House) for

the Sammamish Senior Center (see graphic for details).

Please be with us and bring your friends and neighbors

who “fit the bill”. Many already committed. See you there.

If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.


  • Transportation..what are priorities and what are costs?
  • Transparency in Government..let’s hope it will improve in 2016.
  • issue the council voted earlier in 2016 not to study as it pertained to the NE 42nd St one.  Will this come up again in 2017?
  • Duthie Hill Annexation?  Will the city attempt to annex “The Notch”?  What are the implications to Sammamish?  What are the implications to rezoning in the notch?
  • Sahalee Way Widening Project: Open Houses have dotted the time line over the last year.
  • Tamarack Funding: Public versus Private benefit and the use of taxpayer dollars.  Where will the Council net out on this controversial topic?
  • Town Center..This project has broken ground.  Will infrastructure support it?
  • Utility Tax..Under what circumstances?
  • Vesting…community frustrations linger as vested applications are still under the old tree regulations
  • Eastlake Sammamish Trail  ..Will 2A & 2B be as hard on the trees as Phase 1?

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