City of Sammamish Finances..Post #1

City of Sammamish Finances

In the next few months the City Council and City Staff will be discussing future finances for Sammamish as they see a time in the near future wherein expenditures could exceed revenues. This would call for stringent measures to be taken as Washington law does not allow municipalities to operate “in the red”. This is your city and you need to be a part of the solution. To that end you must brief yourselves as to what can be done to avoid the “crossover point”. Periodically Citizens For Sammamish will publish information about city finances and ask you to pursue answers from the City Council and the City Manager. Hopefully this will cause you to be better informed and able to direct your representatives as you desire.

Why are new taxes now being considered for Sammamish residents?Considerations-

  • Delayed attention to major projects.
  • Inability to say “no” to some potential expenditures.
  • Natural desire to “have more”.
  • Limited revenue resources.
  • Citizen periodic demands.
  • Growth demands.
  • Refusal to cutback in planned expenditures.
  • “High income” plateau dwellers can afford more charges.
  • They (taxes) are available..let’s capture them.
  • If bonds are secured, will need revenue to help make payments.
  • Addressing the idea of taxes will soften the citizen reception of same.

Put your thinking caps on..delve into some of the considerations above..question your representatives..start to formulate your positions as re Utility taxes, Franchise fees, Bond issuance (debt), program cutbacks, and other financial questions that come to mind. What is the present economic outlook and how may that affect Sammamish?

More in the near future.

Note: The March 2017 Sammamish City Newsletter addresses this issue. Be sure to read same and prepare your thoughts and reasonings.


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